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Global Green Love • Achieve Green China Dream
China Guangdong Development Fund Public Interest Auction Auction Call Proposal
The C.G.D Daai Charity Fund (referred to as the Love Fund) is a special public fundraising charity fund of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (China Green Development Association). Under the leadership of Comrade Hu Deping, the current chairman, Love Fund and China Green Development Association are committed to protecting endangered species, promoting sustainable development, actively cooperating with relevant government departments to implement the Convention on Biological Diversity, and welcoming domestic and international enthusiasm through various channels. Biodiversity conservation groups and people from all walks of life have made a lot of fruitful work for China's biodiversity conservation and green development. At the same time, the Love Fund focuses on the development of a green economy. We are willing to work together with the global elites with innovative development concepts to make new contributions to the promotion of ecological civilization! On April 16th, the Love Fund Unveiling Ceremony will be held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. At that time, a number of stars, more than 100 heavyweight entrepreneurs and ministerial leaders will attend the unveiling ceremony and charity auction.
The Love Fund calls for people of insight, generosity, and actively participate in this charity auction, so that more friends can join our activities and let the spirit of green China continue.
    Lots are available, love is priceless! Please extend your hands, pass on a love, let love hold up a blue sky, let love spread every corner of the world, let love light up our shared human home. If you are willing to give a love, if you have an item that is suitable for auction and has a certain collection or artistic value, please participate in this activity, we will pass your love to the natural ecosystem of the motherland that needs care.
First, the auction time: April 8 - April 15
Lot collection location:
• 5th Floor, Sihui Building, 1008-B, Huihe South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
• Stars Court, 2nd Floor, West Gate, Nanyuan Park, 800 Longhua East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
• 2nd Floor, International Exhibition Center, Hengqin Free Trade Zone, Zhuhai City
• 11th Floor, Shimao International Center, 108 Guangda Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou
(Beijing/Shanghai/Zhuhai/Fuzhou four places at the same time)
Second, charity activities and charity auction time: April 16, 2016
    Location: Manai Grass, Beijing, China
Address: No. 6, Xingshikou Road, Sijiqing Bridge, Haidian District, Beijing
Third, the scope of collecting charity public auctions:
    1. The donated lot should have a certain collection value or use value, and it is more desirable that the lot can contain some special meanings, including the story behind the lot.
    2. Compliance with laws and regulations, refusal of prohibited, counterfeit and shoddy products, and maintenance of "true, good, beautiful" charity activities.
    3. Decline the donation of general value items such as food and medicine.
Fourth, note:
    1. This donation is conducted on a voluntary basis;
    2. Donors should also have a short donation testimony when they provide the lot;
    3. Send the lot to the designated place of collection;
    4. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the auction, your lot should be kept by the event office;
    5. We will filter the lottery collected and select some lots for on-site auction. Lots that have not been selected or that have not been taken will be donated by China Guangdong Development Fund to the China Green Hair Association;
    6. After the auction is completed, the buyer, under the leadership of the volunteers of the charity auction, will pay the transaction price and receive the lot;
    7. In accordance with relevant state laws and regulations, earnestly perform the public welfare use of funds donated by people who donate money and love;
    8. Realized items, subject to the auction amount.
5. The rewards for the dedication of love are as follows:
    1. The public welfare donation of RMB 10,000 yuan and above, and the donation of the love fund, the award of the love fund certificate/plaque, and the support of the C.G.D Love Fund website column;
    2. RMB 10,000 yuan and above, public welfare donations and donations of large loved ones, awarded the love fund certificate / plaque, participated in the opening ceremony of Beijing / participated in the big love fan group to participate in public welfare activities / C.G.D Love Fund website column support Acknowledgement, and reflect the donation and donation of people or their company profile / introduction;
    3. RMB 10,000 yuan and above donations and donations to the loved ones, awarded the love fund certificate / plaque, participated in the opening ceremony of Beijing / participated in the big love fan group to participate in public welfare activities / C.G.D Love Fund website column support, thank you, It also reflects the donation of the big loved ones or their company profiles/introductions, becomes the vice chairman unit of the Great Love Fund, and carries out the designated fund according to the wishes of the donors.
Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance. In this spring season, let us extend our love hand to warm the nature and warm our own love! ! !
    The melody of love has already been played, and the journey of public welfare auction is about to set sail...
Tel: 4001165001•C.G. D
China Green Development Association • C.G.D Daai Charity Fund
China Green Development Association Address: Room 508, 5th Floor, North Branch, No. 27 West Third Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing
C.G.D Daai Charity Fund Address: 5th Floor, Sihui Building, 1008-B, Huihe South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Zip code: 100089
China Green Development Association official website: http://www.cbcgdf.org/
China Great Love Public Welfare Fund website column: http://www.zgfgl.com/aijijin/
Bank remittance bank: Bank of China Taoran Branch (line number: 531)
Account Name: China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation
RMB account number: 0109 0531 5001 2010 5004 812
Forex account number: 01090531501420105000172
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