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Listing fees of the top ten exchanges before 2016


No matter where in the world, it is inseparable from the concerted efforts of major intermediaries and teams. Good institutions and teams can make the listing process smoother and gain more recognition in the capital market. But companies will pay a higher price. Therefore, companies should make appropriate assessments based on their own strength, scale and affordability, and select and form the organization and listed team that best suits their needs. The following are the approximate costs for Chinese companies listed by China Guangdong Development Co., Ltd. to be listed on the top ten exchanges in the world:
China's new three board (listed): 1 million yuan - 1.8 million yuan between the main board (including small and medium-sized board, GEM) listed: 12 million yuan - 16 million yuan 
the United States NASDAQ: 10 million yuan - 20 million yuan New York Stock Exchange: 10 million yuan - 20 million yuan between 
Hong Kong GEM: 12 million yuan - 18 million yuan between the main board: 18 million yuan - 20 million yuan between
South Korean
the South Korean main board: 7 million yuan - 9 million yuan Sydney Stock Exchange of
Australia: between 7 million yuan and 10 million yuan

The reason why the prices vary is because the institutions are different, so the quotations are different. Even institutions of the same brand offer different prices in different regions. For example, the Deloitte audit offices of the four major audit offices have different prices for domestic, Taiwanese and Hong Kong. Of course, these fees are not paid in full in one step. Generally, 7 to 80% will be paid before listing, and the final payment will be made after listing.

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