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Hong Kong KAZI l International Group Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong KAZI  International Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is a diversified international group limited company. The company takes the development of investment industry strategy as the leading factor, clusters high-quality resources, integrates the market, and focuses on the integrated operation of cross-regional and cross-industry. It has comprehensive cooperation with C.G.D Capital Management Co., Ltd. It has Blue Diamond Yacht Club, China Children's Development Research Center and China Tea Culture Exchange Promotion Association.
At present, the projects invested by KAZI and C.G.D Capital include: Fujian Hongfengtai, Fujian Happiness Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Beijing Yangchun March Film Co., Ltd., and Fuzhou Guanyunzhuang International Resort Hotel. C.G.D Capital will use its own capital operation advantages to help KAZI International Group to find high-quality projects around the world and achieve win-win cooperation!
l China Children's Development Research Center
The China Children's Development Research Center is affiliated to Hong Kong Card Capital International Group Co., Ltd., focusing on the field of "child development". In the country, the center aims to study children, serve children, and cultivate outstanding talents for children's growth. It integrates scientific research, education, training, consultation and research and development, and has the franchise right of “Mandef” brand children's wear. The Center provides a full range of services for the healthy growth of children, adolescents in various forms, and promotes the scientific advancement of children's development in China

▲ Mandoff children's clothing official website sales pictures

▲ Mandoff children's clothing "Tmall" mall sales pictures
l China Tea Culture Exchange Promotion Association
The China Tea Culture Exchange Promotion Association is the business model of Hong Kong KAZI International Group Co., Ltd. in China with tea culture as its development background and tea friends. Committed to the research, publicity, popularization and application of tea culture knowledge of Chinese tea culture, carry out theoretical discussion and experience exchange of tea culture, and promote the healthy development of tea culture. The Association has successfully held a number of "tea fights" in mainland China, which has won the recognition of tea lovers. China Guanyundou Tea Party has also become a resounding business card for Fujian tea culture activities. 
▲ China's first Guanyundou tea party propaganda map
▲The tea industry leader Zhang Tianfu (second from left) served as a tea consultant

▲Tea party scene

 l Blue Diamond Yacht Club
The Blue Diamond Yacht Club of Hong Kong KAZI International Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top yacht clubs in China that integrates yachting, sailing and motorboat experience and training. With the mission of “building the world's top elite platform and promoting enterprise innovation and development”, with the “Thoughts and Blue Diamond Elite Development Summit” as the core, we have many yachts and sailboats in Xiangshan and Fuzhou, Xiamen, China, and customize the top for the global elite. Private life, creating a water sports leisure aristocratic life circle.

▲Blue Diamond will be "speed and passion" activities
▲C.G.D Capital Blue Diamond Club Activities
▲C.G.D Capital public welfare movie "Red-crowned Crane Girl" yacht activity