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China's first elite think tank platform----Blue Diamond Club

In the 21st century, the circle and platform of entrepreneurs today have become the decisive force for enterprise development. If a company wants to rush in the rough seas, the responsibility of the helm to choose a social platform is more important than Taishan.
How to integrate and manage across the region, cross-industry, cross-sector, and cross-border at the critical moment of transformation and upgrading and strategize in an invincible position. It is especially important to choose to join the platform of gathering political leaders from all over the world and gathering business leaders.

[Blue Diamond Club]
With the mission of “building the world's top elite platform and promoting enterprise innovation and development”, and focusing on the “Thoughts and Blue Diamond Elite Development Summit”, it brings together domestic famous humanities masters, political elites, business leaders, Olympic champions, international movie stars, Yacht experts and private flight instructors, at the same time, joined the top leaders in the military, business, media and other fields to communicate with each other to achieve seamless integration of resources and policies.

Blue Diamond will feature - a feast of thought
Achieve a zero-distance dialogue with Chinese humanities masters, political elites, business leaders, Olympic champions, art celebrities, and private jet coaches. Listen to the philosophical wisdom of the local and international vision, and explore, interact, and realize the knowledge and sincerity. Enlighten the wisdom of business management and personal cultivation, enhance the ability of commercial combat, and cultivate a calm and strong heart to help the healthy and rapid development of Chinese enterprises and entrepreneur leaders.


Blue Diamond will feature----Elite Summit
Bringing elites from all walks of life, including famous economists, well-known scholars and scholar-type officials to visit the scene to grasp the macroeconomic development trends, policy development background and policy follow-up development trends, providing an international vision, cutting-edge knowledge, humanistic care, and religious experience. The classic "Blue Diamond Elite Development Summit", which is a combination of self-cultivation and literary appreciation, builds an open, knowledgeable and profound cross-cultural humanistic cultivation and a spiritual home for abundance of entrepreneurs.


Blue Diamond will feature----political and enterprise interaction
A platform for dialogue between government and enterprises was constructed from two different dimensions. One is closely liaising with various government agencies such as the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and the Propaganda Department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission to publicize policies and regulations, interpret the process of affairs, and reflect corporate demands. Second, interact with local government departments to develop the Blue Diamond elite. The city forum is convenient for enterprises to grasp regional policy information in a timely manner, to find industrial development opportunities in urbanization, and to be in a favorable position in regional project development.


Blue Diamond will be the national high-end network
Established the Outstanding Blue Diamond Member Alliance to promote cross-regional, cross-industry cross-disciplinary and cross-border resource integration to organize members, enhance cross-regional cross-industry exchanges among students, enhance corporate competitiveness, increase cooperation among members, and establish a nationwide high-end network of contacts.