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Customize your top private life! Whether you are a "flying trapeze" busy in business around the world, or use leisure activities to help your team, or to add to your career, choose BDC, let it create the perfect business trip for you, while at the same time for you We offer tailor-made high-end entertainment, investment, education, health and other services, so that you can enjoy VIP services every moment, you only need to choose the target, we will serve you everything.

 Reasons to choose Blue Diamond Club
1. Blue Diamond Club Exclusive to your private resort
BDC has a number of top private holiday villas located in Shoushan Natural Scenic Area. Inspired by the simple and leisurely life of rural villages, we decided to put our dreams into practice. BDC directly participates in the planning and construction of resorts, and high-level holiday accommodation facilities. Can meet the holiday needs of different business people. Here, you can have your own exclusive territory and enjoy the extraordinary experience of the paradise; here, you can easily talk to business partners about business; here, you can have your own timetable and have complete freedom Plan your own schedule, including dining; here, you can name your holiday home as your own company or brand. The entire resort, including staff and facilities, is heard and used by you.
Second, Blue Diamond Club's four functions, let you enjoy the rich life
1. Blue Diamond Club's high-end entertainment features let you experience the luxury of high-end life
B.D.C provides holiday products with unique cultural connotations and international standards to business people who advocate high-quality leisure travel in the country, bringing you a unique holiday experience. Coming to B.D.C, you can take a private helicopter to experience an exciting air journey, as well as enjoy the wealthy event experience products such as business charter flights and helicopter driving training.
For water sports such as yachting, sailing and diving, every member who joins BDC can enjoy the full service from “from shore to sea”, and all the service personnel are carefully selected and experienced in navigation. It is familiar with all aspects of yachts, sea activities and maritime navigation. With advanced equipment and an ideal environment, you will have no worries every time you go to sea.
In addition, there are equestrian, golf, tennis and other entertainment projects. Whether you are a beginner or a fan, you can exchange skills with experienced coaches at the top venues you are looking for. They will provide various levels of professionalism. guide. Familiarity, progress, and goals, so that every member who joins B.D.C has the opportunity to become a professional player in these high-end sports and entertainment projects.
2, Blue Diamond Club provides a high-end commercial and political exchange platform for the country, set sail for your career
B.D.C embodies the essence of politics, economy, culture and other fields. World politicians, industry leaders, and iconic figures with strong voices have all brought in the top Chinese leaders, both national and global. The business elites of different titles, such as the chairman, CEO, and president, are among the best in their respective fields, regardless of their reputation, personal wealth, and social influence. It is the convergence of these elite elites that make BDC clubs More influential, expanding the recognition of the project in the wealth class. All of this will also build a higher-end network for you.
3, Blue Diamond Club provides you with the most comprehensive private wealth management and global investment opportunities, so that you can always master your wealth
By joining B.D.C, you no longer have to plan for your career, and you can't find a direction for investment and wealth management. B.D.C will hold regular social events such as the Global Economic Summit Forum, the Wall Street Investment Exchange and the Private Banking Branch, providing a platform for communication and dialogue for every corporate elite, economic experts and investors. B.D.C also works with a number of private banks, based on global investors, with a focus on investment projects with investment potential, providing you with unparalleled investment opportunities. From project recommendation, investment measurement to a variety of tailor-made wealth management products, each service is considering the value added of your wealth.
4, Blue Diamond Club provides high-end education, private health, charging your life
B.D.C cooperates with top universities at home and abroad, such as Tsinghua University, U.S. University of Science and Technology, and U.S. University of Management and Technology, to provide you with a series of educational training courses. B.D.C innovatively expands its services in the areas of vocational education and basic education, making more learners the beneficiaries of excellent educational resources. In addition, it also organizes company executives, industry elites and other practical experts to share operational experience, supporting resource pools and lectures, to help students expand their horizons and share new knowledge.
In addition to education, BDC also provides high-level health customization, and invites first-class health consultants at home and abroad to provide professional services, such as free access to sub-health status testing and rehabilitation advice, private health consultants and continuous follow-up services for health. To provide you with a full range of physical health checkup management.
Third, Blue Diamond Club Your business holiday housekeeper
High-level investment symposium, grand theme banquet party, romantic private cocktail party, elegant and chic business tea party, every time you attend, you will enjoy the master treatment, they will bring you more Business partners, and more business resources. All the facilities and services provided by B.D.C for business travelers have finally erased the shadows of boring corporate activities and meetings in people's minds.
Fourth, Blue Diamond Club tailor-made business trip for you
Whether it's a group meeting with hundreds of people, a new product launch for dozens of people, or a rewarding tour for the elite, BDC's flexibility can accommodate more needs, and you don't have to worry about cumbersome processes. Helping to create every step of a business vacation, a dedicated business consultant will help plan every detail of the holiday, which is enough to make business travel a journey of enjoyment and inspiration, and a good memory.
Five, enjoy the life in the Blue Diamond Club premium service
BDC has also established close partnerships with the most luxurious entertainment and leisure venues across the country, ranging from restaurants, bars, shops, theaters and crafts to diverse sports, fitness venues and beauty clubs. With health care facilities and facilities, as long as you join BDC, you can meet the entertainment, recreation and rest needs of every member, all the time.