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Privilege 1: Enjoy the training and experience of international sailing and motorboats and feel the unique charm of marine culture. Awarded the Blue Diamond Club Yacht Club Experience Certificate.
As the most fashionable and free water sport in the world, sailing is a symbol of the high quality of today's life. Galloping on the blue ocean, feeling the breath of the wind and the waves, can make the vision more open and the spirit is highly relaxed. The sea can be enjoyed like this, and the wind and waves can pass through like this. The tacit cooperation, the high execution of the captain's orders, the freedom and tolerance of the sea, will definitely give you a new understanding of work, life, and partners, a new insight!
Activity overview:
Location: Xiamen, Sanya, Qingdao Time: 2-3 days round trip Number of people: 12-15 people

main content:
◆ Watch the sailing video (Selected Video of China Cup and Chinese Voyager Video);
◆ Sailing basic theory training (sailboat development history, sailing and navigation knowledge, nautical etiquette, boarding precautions, basic structure of sailing);
◆ Motorboat brand introduction, driving skills training and sharing;
◆ Motor boat sea training, self-driving experience;
◆ Sailing out to sea (lifting sail training, playing sailor knot competition, captain driving simulation 20 minutes, windward deflection, windward steering, downwind deflection, downwind steering, sail, sail, sail, knot, international collision avoidance rules).
Highlights of the event:
◆ Keeping pace with the times: As the most fashionable and free water sport in the world, sailing is a symbol of high quality in today's life.
◆ Expanding horizons: learning marine culture, reviewing the ocean history of the great powers and the decline of modern times and then the rise of the 21st century.
◆ Winning skills: master the basic driving skills and rules of the big sailboats and motorboats.
◆Break the waves: drive a large sailing ship, motorboat, and experience the captain as a captain. The self-driving motorboat is known as the "Ferrari" on the sea.
◆Perfect commemoration: competition awards, certificate of completion, champagne celebration, photo-distribution training process video disc and exquisite gifts.
Privilege 2: Enjoying the Blue Diamond will break the ice special training - sailing with the boat
We all come from unfamiliar circles, but in the big sailing activities, strategy formulation, teamwork, attention to detail, and strict implementation are the basic factors that determine the fleet's navigation. This coincides with corporate management, business philosophy, and solidarity. Sailing is very demanding for participants, and it is necessary to learn how to sail quickly and have a certain knowledge of navigation. The sea is unpredictable, and the conditions of the waves, meteorology and hydrology are constantly changing. Learning to drive a large sailing ship can help the spirit of fighting against nature and challenging ourselves.
Activity overview:
Location: Xiamen, Sanya, Qingdao Time: 2-3 days round trip Number of people: 24-30

main content:
◆ Ways to go to the sea: Touring Island - Gulangyu - Convention and Exhibition Center - Da Xiaojinmen Da · Xiaodan Island - Hulishan Fort - Ferry Terminal - Zheng Chenggong statue, the distance is determined by the captain according to the weather conditions.
◆ Review basic knowledge of sailing driving, detachment, production team flag, team slogan, nautical precautions, group competition, venue competition and rally.
◆ Marine training and lifting sails, simulation of captain driving, windward deflection, windward steering, downwind deflection, downwind steering, sail, sail, knot, and international collision avoidance rules.
◆ Discuss the sharing of the relationship between the big sailing ship and life and business management and activities.

Highlights of the event:
◆ Elite Convergence: The participants are entrepreneurial elites and successful entrepreneurs.
◆ Friendship forever: Through the big sailing competition and in-depth experience to make the business elite.
◆ Deep understanding: What is the same boat, the team feels the years.
◆ Full-time video recording: Full-time video recording of marine special cameras, recording the dynamic process of new team collaboration.
◆Perfect commemoration: competition awards, champagne celebration, photo-distribution training process video discs and exquisite gifts.
◆Safety and security: Strictly follow international safety regulations, equipped with safety facilities and standard navigation. And purchase personal accident insurance to ensure the safety of each member.
Privilege 3: Enjoy the Blue Diamonds “Sea of ​​Motion Night” to enjoy the taste of life and the charm of the yacht.
Known as the "sea ascending palace", the yacht was first born in the United Kingdom more than three hundred years ago. Since then, yachts have become the hallmark of Western high society status and identity. Nowadays, playing private yachts, opening private planes and circle islands as “island owners” has become the three new games for the rich and new. When it comes to yachting, the first impression of most people is luxury. It is not surprising that yachts become the ultimate symbol of wealth when they become palaces, real estate and art. Elegant and distinguished environment, exquisite food, a beautiful feast about the beauty and taste buds in the blue diamond ocean dynamic night.

Activity overview:
Location: Xiamen, Sanya, Qingdao Time: 2-3 days Number of participants: 24-30 people
main content:
◆Basic knowledge of yachts, history of yacht development, precautions for boarding, yacht etiquette;
◆Understand the top ten brands of yachts, yacht differences at home and abroad, and driving skills training;
◆Free knowledge of yacht knowledge, yachts to sea, sea fishing, and enjoy yacht life;
◆Enjoy the sunset and celebrate the “Night of the Sea” with the yacht baby.
Highlights of the event:
◆ Business giants and art celebrities gather together;
◆The exclusive luxury yacht sea theme party in China;
◆ Passionately experience the dream of luxury yacht sailing on the sea;
◆ Instantly capture the beautiful sunset at sunset on the southernmost tip of China's sea;
◆ Personally taste the mellow classic Bordeaux red wine from the top five French wineries;

Yacht overview:
Ship type: Fano Borado 40.7 Limit load: 12-15 people Sailing route: To be determined
Service configuration: captain, sailor, drink, snack, fishing rod, bait
Yacht configuration: 2 bedrooms, a separate bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning, refrigerator, own flybridge
Privilege 4: Enjoy the blue diamond will be a special private aircraft test drive and flight experience

With the improvement of the private jet service system, private flights in China will go through the evolution from fashion movement to mass transit system. Just like mobile phones, computers and private cars, they will go from nothing to nothing. A popularization processes. It can be said that private helicopters, like private cars, are not luxury items and are within reach of everyone. Blue Diamond Club will arrange a private flight experience and test drive for distinguished guests.
Highlights of the event:
◆Learn the basic knowledge of private jets and visit the top private jets with zero distance;
◆ The pilots of the former Air Force top retired and foreign flight time of up to 600 hours personally guided the flight;
◆ Test the aircraft personally under the guidance of the captain and feel the joy of free flight.

Base information:
Base: Beijing Badaling Airport, Miyun Airport, Changping Airport
Model: Siri R20, Bell 407, Eurocopter EC120, VirusSW80/10, Cessna 172 Robinson R44
Remarks: Test the fixed wing and helicopter separately for each specific model to be determined.
Privilege 5: Exclusive Blue Diamond Club Exclusive Hotel - 2 Nights in Guanyunzhuang Detached Villa Deluxe Room Blue Diamond Meditation Lecture
Guanyunzhuang International Resort Hotel, a hotel that does not want to go home when you come! It is housed in a 10,000-acre bamboo forest, a thousand acres of forest, and a hundred waterfall ecological forest areas. It is located in the National Forest Park and the National Mine Park, which is more than 700 meters above sea level. It is only used by 50 distinguished guests every day. Set "health, vacation, leisure" in one. You can enjoy the different styles of living in 6 countries including China, Thailand, the United States, Kenya, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Get close contact with the original eco-oxygen bar, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and experience the colorful meditation activities.

Activity overview:
Location: Fuzhou, China Time: 2-3 days Number of participants: 20-30
People's activities and highlights:
◆Intimate contact with the original ecological oxygen bar;
◆Visit China Shoushan Stone Museum;
◆Visit the pavilions in different countries such as China, Thailand, the United States, Kenya, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates;
◆ Participate in meditation, enlighten wisdom, dialogue with famous teachers, and discuss life in the depths of the forest.
Introduction to Zen Master:
Mr. Pu Ba, Master of Business Management, director of the Institute of Management Philosophy of Tsinghua University, master of Chinese studies, expert of career management, a leader of Chinese studies who interpret the essence of Chinese culture, and a planner who helps personal career development and career reversal. Postdoctoral fellow of Management Science and Engineering, Institute of Mathematics and Systems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a senior educator who provides management consulting for enterprises and helps improve the spirit of the enterprise. Especially in management, he has created a unique management, emotional management, honor management, and courage management. A series of Chinese-style management courses, such as career reversal system, integration wisdom, opportunity management, accounting management, and waste management.


Incorporation process:
Fill in the application form for the membership → review the applicant's qualifications → apply for the membership fee → membership card issue → official member
Membership qualification:
◆ Chairman, general manager, celebrities in the arts and culture, and an excellent public image.
◆Enterprise registered capital of 10 million to 20 million or enterprise water of 80 million to 100 million.
◆ Personal intangible assets 10 million - 20 million public image is good.
◆Special approval for insufficient qualification: the handling fee is 2,000 yuan.
Submit information:
◆Application form for membership; ◆Business license; ◆One resume;
◆ A copy of the original ID card and a photocopy of the ID card;
◆ Two-inch color bareheaded photos;
Remarks: If necessary, submit the company's flow sheet for nearly 3 months.
Special Note
◆Every event includes pick-up, five-star hotel, and meal expenses during the event;