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 China Tea Mountain Theme Hotel
Entrepreneur's forest feast

Crowdfunding is coming soon, raising the peak life for you
Return to nature, scarce landmarks
China Tea Shanshui Theme Hotel is located in Guanyunzhuang, a 1,500-acre evergreen broad-leaved mixed forest at the heart of the National Forest Park. It can be hidden in the forest or on the banks of the Qingxi River, where you can look down at the stream and reach for the stars. People are intoxicated. China Tea Shanshui Theme Hotel will build 30 double-decker crystal tea villas. No matter the enterprise settles in, it is a private collection, the perfect combination of leisure and business opportunities. The Chinese tea landscape theme hotel opens up not only a wonderful space for you.
1500 acres of natural space, wonderful, magnificent tea landscape world. Sitting on the stone steps in front of the Crystal Tea Villa, I only feel the wind passing through the bamboo forest in the mountains. In the distance, the sound of the springs and the waterfalls is heard. The rich and exquisite tea in the wilderness of the mountains and forests, the personal butler is kind. The hospitality, the good tea made by the 2000 meters of spring water, the leisurely mood of Yunjuan Yunshu, the natural oxygen bar, the healthy tea bath of the fine tea leaves, let you be in the ocean of tea.
Private territory, star service
What is the temperament of a real high-end circle?
Not unassuming, not susceptible to outside interference and attention
China Tea Mountain Theme Hotel
Supporting superstar Guanyunzhuang International Resort Hotel Services
Private territory and upper-level atmosphere
Guarantee the perfection and taste of the circle
Famous enterprise platform
We have created a platform for famous enterprises and merchants.
We focus on the deep experience of entrepreneurial taste and circle culture.
We offer many investment opportunities and business opportunities
Relying on the China Blue Diamond Association and Guanyunzhuang, the China Tea Mountain Water Theme Hotel is home to hundreds of famous enterprise brands, gathering thousands of famous business circles, integrating the essence of Eastern and Western thoughts and culture, providing health care, vacation, leisure, tourism, investment, A superb circle cultural support service in the fields of education, etc., to create a new global elite social platform.
Raise the business opportunities of the people and achieve the life of the peak
· Become a shareholder of China Tea Shanshui Theme Hotel
· Gift equivalent of 10-year hotel VIP card
·With the circle of contacts of the presidents of listed companies at home and abroad
· Enjoy the excellent opportunity to recommend investment and financing docking projects
China Tea Mountain Theme Hotel crowdfunding advantage
1. China's first helicopter transfer hotel
2. China's first tea culture theme hotel
3, Shuangyuan National Ecological Public Welfare Forest Area, 10,000 mu of bamboo forest, complete functional support, the best choice for body, business reception, vacation, meeting, first-class circle of study and investment.
Chinese tea landscape theme hotel crowdfunding purpose
What the crowdfunding project itself has to do is: stability, circle – looking for better investment and investment opportunities.
1. Steady, the Chinese tea landscape theme hotel fully respects the investment mentality - cannot lose money. Therefore, if you invest 500,000 yuan, we will give you a return card of 500,000 yuan to guarantee the capital preservation. As a result, the project has basically a reasonable and reasonable return.
2. Circles, the theme hotel in crowdfunding is actually shaping a soft environment. Shareholders drive shareholders and shareholders to guide consumption, forming a high-end network of people, and maximizing better investment and investment opportunities.
3. At present, the chairman of three listed companies has joined.
Chinese tea landscape theme hotel crowdfunding target
1. Successful entrepreneurs
2. Prestigious celebrities
3. Recognize the cultural concept of China Tea Mountain Theme Hotel
4. At least one person must be recommended to become a shareholder
Chinese tea landscape theme hotel crowdfunding model
1. Number of crowdfunding: 100
2, crowdfunding restrictions: 1 per person, maximum activity and business circle size
3. Crowdfunding method: Recruiting shares
4, crowdfunding standards: 500,000 / person
China Tea Landscape Theme Hotel crowdfunding guarantee
Guanyunzhuang Asset Management Co., Ltd. as the promoter of the Chinese tea landscape theme hotel crowdfunding
1. Guarantee that the hotel will not be closed for 10 years and will continue to operate (ensure that the 500,000 coupons will be used in full)
2. Open and transparent operation mode faces shareholders
China Tea Shanshui Theme Hotel Crowdfunding Rights
1. Become a shareholder of China Tea Shanshui Theme Hotel.
2, shareholders are also consumers - will guide the consumer around the circle, each shareholder of China Tea Shanshui Theme Hotel will receive 500,000 yuan Guan Yunzhuang International Resort Hotel 10-year equivalent consumer card, enjoy the hotel bar Super-star facilities such as corporate meetings, dining bars, tea bars, swimming pools, etc., can also be used by friends and customers while driving, to maximize the culture of the circle.
3. To be a risk-free shareholder, and to maintain a higher level of the circle of people at the same time, to meet the needs of shareholders' investment and financing.
4. Shareholders' consumption can also be earned at the same time. 80% of the operating profit of China Tea Shanshui Theme Hotel is shared with 100 shareholders.
5, to stimulate the shareholder circle effect, shareholders can enjoy a weekly investment and project docking activities, entrepreneurship project training, Tsinghua, Peking University MBA, EMBA course training and other customized promotion projects.
China Tea Landscape Theme Hotel Strategic Cooperation
1. Central America
2, blue diamond will
3. C.G.D Capital Management Co., Ltd.
4. China Guangdong Development Bank Private Bank
5. China Minsheng Bank Private Bank
6. Ping An Bank Private Bank
Chinese tea landscape theme hotel crowdfunding application method
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