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Broad Capital Management Co., Ltd  "I am an entrepreneurial board of directors"
The private board of directors gathered a group of domestic lecturers and entrepreneurs. Establish a teaching and mutual understanding and mutual benefit sharing. The new entrepreneurs and students who are guided by the teachers and the students will discuss the culture of the business circle and invite the industry elites/business leaders as the coaching instructors. To help companies conduct diagnostic analysis, private directors go to a centralized brainstorming and win-win situation.

Private board learning form
l “I am a private board of entrepreneurs” round table to find and solve problems, share experiences
l “I am a private board of entrepreneurs” expert coaching team, in-depth guidance, business model diagnostic analysis
l “I am a private board of entrepreneurs” full case tracking counseling, equity and other corporate governance institutions optimization
l “I am a private board of entrepreneurs” resource expansion docking, capital service docking, etc.