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Broad Capital Management Co., Ltd Priority 3 Equity Fund

Category: Equity Investment Private Equity Fund
Mode of operation: closed
Fund size: 200 million yuan
Conditions for establishment: the amount of funds raised will reach 100 million yuan or more
Years of fund: 1+1+1 years (the first year is the investment period, the second year the principal will be withdrawn, the distribution part will gradually withdraw, and the income without retreat can be added for another year to exit. If you have all quit in the second year, you can dismiss it in advance)
Subscription amount: the subscription amount is ≥1 million (excluding the subscription fee), and additional subscriptions will be made for every 100,000 yuan in the future;
Investment enterprise thresholds and targets: ※ Quasi-listed new three-board enterprises or small and medium-sized boards, domestic and foreign main board enterprises, quasi-listed companies listed in one year and annual net profit of more than 8 million, high-quality quasi-listed enterprises with special and clear business model
※≤10 times price-earnings ratio
※The company has a certain asset scale and a future high growth enterprise.
※Enterprises have introduced listed intermediaries, brokers, lawyers, auditors, etc.
※The company has no irreversible problems
Investment direction: medical and health care, advanced manufacturing, high-end consumer goods, modern agriculture, TMT
Fund Manager: Zhongguangfa Capital Management Co., Ltd.
Trustee: Minsheng Bank Fuzhou Sanfang Qixiang Sub-branch
According to the relevant requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the purchase of private equity funds requires the following qualifications (units or individuals that meet the following indicators can purchase funds No. 3):
1. Unit purchase: The unit's net assets are not less than 10 million yuan.
2. Individual purchase: Individuals whose personal financial assets are not less than 3 million yuan or whose average annual income is not less than 500,000 yuan in the last 3 years.
Risk Warning: This product is high risk and high profit!