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First.[starting point]
1. Teach you to be a qualified angel investor. Teach you how to do “raising, investing, managing, retreating” (raising funds, investment projects, managing funds, exiting methods). Our advantage? The five major instructors personally manipulated the listing, private placement and mergers & acquisitions of dozens of listed companies.
2. Provide good investment opportunities. All projects were reviewed and approved by the five major instructors, many investment projects have received 10 to tens of times more returns.

Seven core values of Venture Capital Angels
l follow project
Enjoy the right project investment and follow the rights of professional investment institutions to learn high-end fund products
l High return
Get help from a professional team, try to avoid investment risks and get high return on investment
l Practical investment skills
Systematic learning professional investment philosophy and practical investment skills
l High-end contacts
Jointly create a high-end network of resources for integrity and mutual assistance
l Resource docking
Enjoy the opportunity of industry leaders and mainstream financial circle investors to exchange interactive resources
l Business cooperation
Enjoy the business cooperation opportunities of the listed companies that have been listed
l Participate in roadshows
Qualified to recommend quality companies and participate in roadshows

Second.[main service]
1. 3 days of training, the five major investors professionally teach you to raise, cast, manage, and retreat (free retraining);
2. C.G.D Venture Capital Angels will invest in at least 5 projects, and most of the projects will be led by us personally, which may make you earn more than 10 times return;
3. 12 lessons, on the 9th of each month, intensive counseling for different core points and 36 project roadshows for 12 months a year.
In addition, members have the right to recommend good projects and the right to recommend their own projects!
At present, the membership is very favorable. I suggest you take the opportunity to enter the project of sharing, learning and investing with everyone!
Are you making it?
Equity investment is the most profitable way to invest
        In developed countries, angel investment (venture capital) is an important force to stimulate innovation. According to statistics, there are 300,000 active angel investors in the United States.
        In China, the demand for venture capital is very strong, but due to various factors, demand has not been activated:
l Information asymmetry
l The credit system is not perfect
l The incentive mechanism is not perfect...
        There are only a thousand angel investors active in the domestic venture capital circle, which is disproportionate to China's huge high net worth group.
u Baidu Investor Peninsula Capital finally achieved 369 times return on investment and cashed out
u Ali Investor Softbank has a current book return of 2,500 times
u South Africa MIH's investment in Tencent is also 1500 times

Do you want to: learn how to invest correctly while operating the industry?
“Inadvertently” investing in a high-growth company that is comparable to BAT?
Win the dual identity of entrepreneurs and angel investors
Partnership to establish a fund company
C.G.D Venture Capital Angels
Venture Capital Angels is a trusted platform for mutual help and growth of entrepreneurs
It is the first private board club established in China at the height of venture capitalists.
Every member of Venture Capital Angels will become a qualified angel investor. We will teach the board of directors of the industry how to independently manage and operate the project and become a qualified GP.
Then the problem is coming
How to set up your own venture capital angels?
Can Venture Capital Angels solve the funding problem?
What is the relationship between venture capital angels and crowdfunding?
We will explain it to you in class.
and also……
1. Do you know the difference between angel investment and VC?
2. Do you know how the company makes valuations?
3. Do you know how the company completes Pre-A and A round financing?
4. Do you know how to design an equity structure for your business?

C.G.D is committed to becoming the world's leading equity investment club and private wealth club. Customize financial solutions and create a personal network for each member.
        Select high-quality investment projects with a dedicated team to promote efficient entry into the capital market. It invests in the most growth-oriented mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, new energy, creative services and other emerging economies.
  C.G.D brings together international and domestic top investment bankers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, financiers, performing arts and other elites. As well as the political media, the node of production, study and research.
       Select high-quality investment projects with a dedicated team to promote efficient entry into the capital market.
People without equity are not rich:
If your company wants to better achieve equity financing and industrial mergers and acquisitions,
If your business project is very good and you want a financing platform,
If you have a certain investment ability and want to invest in a good project,
If you want to be a qualified angel investor, create a PE fund yourself to achieve wealth crossing and wealth appreciation.