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 China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation C.G.D Daai Charity Fund
 The United Nations Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity is the highest decision-making body for the implementation of the Convention in the world. All major decisions concerning the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity are subject to the adoption of the Assembly of States Parties. The Convention on Biological Diversity was quickly and widely accepted, and more than 150 countries signed the document at the Rio Conference, after which 175 countries approved the agreement.
    Since the implementation of the Convention in 1993, the Chinese government has actively and earnestly carried out a series of fruitful work to protect biodiversity and implement the Convention. It has effectively promoted the sustainable development of the national economy and society, and is also unique to the world. The ecosystem, species systems and genetic resources systems have made important contributions. The Chinese government has also strengthened the basic construction and management of nature reserves, making the environmental, economic and social benefits of nature reserves increasingly prominent. In soil and water conservation, sand control, climate regulation, water conservation, air purification, ecotourism, wetlands Protection, environmental awareness education and other aspects have played an important role.
In order to promote the participation of social forces in the cause of biodiversity conservation, under the premise of jointly promoting biodiversity conservation and green development, and implementing the national ecological civilization construction, we will cooperate with the establishment of the “C.G.D Daai Public Welfare Special Fund” in accordance with the law.
◆Special fund name and nature:
C.G.D Daai Public Welfare Fund is a sub-fund project under the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (abbreviation: China Green Development Association); this project is based on the current development of ecological civilization in China and biodiversity conservation and environment. The urgent need for protection, with the help of the social resources of China Guangdong Development Corporation, the special fund for the protection of the ecosystem of C.G.D Daai Public Welfare Fund.
◆The purpose and purpose of setting up a special fund
Mission: To promote biodiversity conservation and ecological concepts, integrate relevant domestic and international social resources, and actively participate in the protection of the country's existing biodiversity original ecosystem and nomadic culture.
main purpose:
· Provide support for the protection of national ecosystem diversity and nomadic culture; build biodiversity and nomadic cultural protection sites;
·Build an interactive platform for people who love public welfare at home and abroad.
· Build and launch a tourism hotline to provide support for the construction of a culturally protected scenic area.
· Provide original ecological environment education base for young people at home and abroad.
◆Special fund use
· Scientific research and construction for the protection of natural scenic ecosystems and nomadic culture.
·Used in the promotion of advanced characters and deeds in green ecological protection, Daai Philanthropy Fund, planting trees, holding a national forum of “promoting ecological civilization, building beautiful villages”, formulating “beautiful villages”, establishing “beautiful villages” and “original ecological nature” The tourist attractions will give full play to their respective resources and advantages to realize the beautiful Chinese dream.
· It is used to focus on the series of films, special documentaries, and public welfare films.
· It is used to carry forward the ecological concept of environmental protection and carry out regional environmental science education; focus on eco-environmental education for nomads and adolescents.
· It is used to develop the construction of eco-tourism bases, create eco-tourism brands, and focus on building relevant exhibition areas.
· Used in the construction of cultural museums. (Natural scenic spots, museum buildings are provided by the government as permanent pavilions.);
· Create a big love culture brand, publish the album of the Great Love Public Welfare Fund and the collections and monographs of the biodiversity of the old place;
· It is used to integrate social resources and carry out propaganda of the cultural civilization of the nomads;
·Related expenses for biodiversity and ecosystem protection; the construction of the hotline for the residents, the development of a domestic fan culture exchange meeting, and the cultural exchange of the Silk Road Economic Belt in the natural scenic spot based on domestic and foreign fans. It is planned to hold the first domestic and international charity seminar in 2016.