Each company has the best return on capital because of its different industries, different scales, different market prospects and personal wishes of major shareholders. How to respond to different global trading markets and achieve the best return on capital. C.G.D has a strict evaluation procedure.
The major exchanges we recommend are the top ten exchanges in the world. Regardless of the size of the transaction and the pool of funds, it is the best trading market in the world. Create the best return for Chinese companies.


1. China's main board, small and medium-sized board, and GEM
The price-earnings ratio is high (up to 25 times) and the liquidity is particularly good. The disadvantages: there are many uncertain factors in the listing, the success rate of listing in 3 years is not high, suitable for large-scale enterprises, with good standardization, strong profitability, and short-term demand for funds is not very urgent (listing costs about 13 million yuan)

2. China Hong Kong Main Board, GEM
The average P/E ratio is 15 times, the liquidity is average, the main board shell price can reach 500 million Hong Kong dollars, and the GEM shell price also reaches 300 million Hong Kong dollars. Suitable for small and medium-sized growth companies, the time to market is generally less than 12 months (listing costs of 18 million to 20 million yuan)

The location of the largest capital of global capital, the size of the large capital requirements or the best choice for innovative companies. There are many investors, but the short-selling mechanism has certain threats to Chinese companies (listing costs are around RMB 15 million), and the time to market is roughly within 12 months.

4. Australian Exchange (ASX)
With the world's top three pools of funds, Chinese companies are becoming more and more popular. The first time they raise funds is generally less than 100 million yuan. It is easier to raise and suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The time to market is generally within 8 months (the listing fee is about 7 million RMB)

5. Korea Exchange
The global mainstream exchanges are particularly liquid, comparable to the Chinese main board market, with a P/E ratio similar to that of Hong Kong (about 15 times), suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises in China, with a working time of 10 months (listing costs of around RMB 6 million)

6, China's New OTC Market (listed)
Poor liquidity, non-mother board market, low P/E ratio (15 times true), requires a lot of top-level design, and do roadshow work. Suitable for growing companies, the listing time is 7 months (listing costs are about 1.6 million yuan).
Regardless of which exchange your company is listed on, the size of the financing is the most important. China Guangdong Development Association will give the most professional guidance to the listed companies, cooperate closely with the guiding enterprises, and share the glory and shame. Tuition fees are charged only after the company has successfully listed. C.G.D has a group of listed counseling and operation personnel from Wall Street, and has valuable domestic or overseas successful listing experience. It is also the first professional capital company in China that advocates the first successful fee.

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