We are in a leading position in IPO, SPAC launch, financing, market capitalization management and mergers and acquisitions.

Broad Capital has branches or offices in major global financial centers such as New York, Dallas, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, South Africa, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Fuzhou, serving Chinese clients with a global mindset, and assisting Chinese clients in IPOs in the United States and Hong Kong Provide one-stop service.

We deeply integrate high-quality "enterprises, projects, technology, talents, technology, markets, information, data, and capital" at home and abroad to achieve optimal allocation of resources.

We have implemented a number of landmark IPO counseling programs for a number of leading private companies in Mainland China.

We are willing to provide professional services for Chinese high-level opening up and become a powerful driving force for economic development.

In the process of the development of Chinese capital market, Broad Capital hopes to forge ahead with determination, help the inheritance of Chinese culture, and change the world with capital.

1) Design top-level plans for overseas listing of enterprises; Whole process guidance and recommendation; IPO and post IPO refinancing;

2) Act as the initiator of SPAC, responsible for the establishment of special shell building fund and the stock underwriting of IPO, as well as the overall planning of the follow-up target search and De SPAC merger; On behalf of the target company, search for and match the listed SPAC shell, design the transaction scheme, and help the target company to build an overseas structure and a series of documents until the merger;

3) OTC shell building, shell buying, renaming, reverse merger and acquisition of assets, and subsequent listing of NASDAQ and NYSE;

4) Merger and reorganization of listed companies; Private placement; Market value management and stock pledge;

5) Spac PIPE (pre IPO and post IPO private equity investment);

6) Financial consulting and valuation model establishment services;

7) Design, implementation and implementation of equity incentive plan before and after listing; 

8) Business plan planning and writing; Issue the fairness opinion letter;

9) Hong Kong Stock Exchange IPO guidance, placement consultant, market value management, quantitative trading, trading volume management.

Broad Securities was established in Delaware on September 17, 2021, controlled by Broad Capital Assets Management Ltd, and has obtained RIA license (CRD # 290775/SEC #: 801-12127). Broad Securities has the qualification to provide investors with investment analysis and advice on securities products, and regularly provide investment reports. At the same time, Broad Securities has reached strategic cooperation with a number of large domestic and foreign securities companies to jointly serve high net worth investors.

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