——Business Consultant

• Discover the value of the business to investors
• Assess the growth of the industry in which you operate
• Assess the company's market position in the existing industry
• Assess the strengths and weaknesses of business development
• Issue a future development strategy proposal for the company
• Develop a business development proposal for a viable local market

——Financial consultant

• The guidelines of good financial records
• Prepare reports based on audits of corporate financial statements and internal controls
• Reasonable financial forecasting
• Reasonable asset valuation
• Assess existing financing structures
• Properly demonstrated funding
• Guide the final disclosure information in the prospectus

——Audit consultant

• Audit and compliance of domestic accounts
• Identify and address issues that may have a potential impact on the listing process through the audit process
• Meet regulatory independent audit requirements for historical financial statements
• Prepare an independent detailed research report for the audit
• Prepare a due diligence report on working capital
• Assess the adequacy and accuracy of financial projections
• Prepare the audit report required in the prospectus

——Legal counsel

• History of compliance
• Legitimacy of restructuring and architecture
• Assess the impact of business restructuring on the listing
• Assess the legal environment in which the company operates and protect the legal rights of the company
• Advice on exchange listing rules issues and company requirements
• Participate in or be responsible for the due diligence process and drafting the prospectus
• Develop and review documents such as the company's articles of association, employee stock plan, dividend reinvestment plan, underwriting agreement, etc.
• Management of exchange listing applications

——Stock Economic Advisor

• Planned issuance (IPO) structure, size, time point and company valuation based on market conditions
• Complete the IPO due diligence process
• Identify investors from potential institutional customers and retail customers through local network relationships
• IPO marketing through established channels
• Ensure a positive and stable market environment at the time of listing
• Assist in the subsequent issuance of IPOs (refinancing)

——Corporate Governance and other professional consultants

• Assess the current state of corporate governance
• Improve corporate governance structure in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements
• Assisting companies in establishing a senior management team of listed companies based on the establishment and qualification requirements of listed company executives and independent directors
• Assist in recommending relevant industry experts as independent directors of the company according to the industry in which the company is located
• Assist companies in completing local tax planning and compensation planning

——Investor Relations Consultant

• Organizing investor roadshows
• Establishment and maintenance of relationships between potential institutional investors and retail investors
• Issuing the company’s outstanding shares to attract investors’ attention and attract media reports

——Local media consultant

• Press conference on the company's listing date

• Local news release of follow-up marketing activities after the company's listing increases the company's activity in the local market

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